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No one likes us and so we're rebranding.

The metaverse is the latest space where you can live under our careful watch. Facebook’s goal is to stalk you for profit, so we are changing our name to help you forget our past.

The metaverse will be ours

3D spaces in the metaverse will let you socialize, learn, collaborate and play in only the ways we allow you to. Listen to Mark Zuckerberg share our vision for ruling new aspects of your social life.

Building the metaverse

We’re already developing exciting new technologies that will help us watch people as they connect and explore whatever outrages them.

Our reality


Altered reality


Spy glasses


Discover all you can do in a world we control

A product image of Oculus Quest 2 on white background.

A future made by Metabook

The metaverse will be a moonshot made by a single company. It will be created by Mark Zuckerberg, and hopefully suck you in, too.

Our commitments

Photo of a smiling, red-haired woman using an Oculus headset.

Investing in Alternative Learning

We’re investing $150 million in AR/OR training and resources to help learners, creators and developers build new skills, access technologies and unlock opportunities inside our little world.

Create with us

Image of a couple looking at smartphone outside.

“Responsible” Innovation

Our “Responsible” Innovation Principles include big words like: transparency, control, inclusivity and empowerment. They give us cover in case you remember who's running this company, and help us pretend we aren't in the business of stalking you.

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